Sell Your Photos Through Indivly Magic. We’ll Pay You $1 Per Use!

You’ve got hundreds of professional-looking photos from your digital camera, smartphone or Instagram.

Some of these pictures are worth money, right?


We pay you $1 every time we use one of your photos.

Our company makes blog and social media posts for our clients. We need photos to help tell stories.

Non-Exclusive Benefits

By adding your photos to Indivly, your photographs will be exposed to a network of bloggers and businesses looking for low cost photos to use in their content marketing.

Exclusive Agreement Benefits

In addition to benefits received from non-exclusive agreements, we will help you get the most out of your photos and will share profits.


  • (i) Besides receiving $1 for each photo sold on our site, Indivly will distribute your photos to third party sites to maximize your photo’s exposure and generate revenue for you.
  • (ii) Indivly will pay you 30% of the net proceeds received from any photo used on third party sites.

Get rewarded for your creativity:

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What level of experience with photography should I have to sign up?

There is no experience required to participate.  If you’re photos are creative and fantastic, that means you have a good chance of getting some images used in our posts.

Is becoming a member of the Photography Team for professional photographers?

Probably not.  Professional photographers have thousands of dollars of equipment and make tens of thousands of dollars per year on their images.  We’re looking to enable the millions of people who take creative pictures with their smart phones to make money who possibly never had been paid for their art before.

Some professional photographers, however, have given us exclusive rights to a small portion of their portfolio to test out whether we can be another way for them to generate revenue.

How much money can I make?

Technically, there’s no limit! As we sign up more clients, we generate more revenue for our photographers. If we used two of your photos per week, that’s $100 in a year. Not bad for just doing your thing, right?

How do I get paid?

We pay through Paypal at the end of each month if your balance is over $50.

What images am I allowed to upload?

We can only use images to which you have the rights. If there are other people in your photos, you don’t actually own all of the rights to those photos. Therefore, you can only upload pictures that you took of places, things, and yourself.

How will my images be used?

Quality is our top priority. We are a content marketing agency that creates image-intensive blog and social media posts for our clients. We don’t make ads. We create information that people find useful.

Say we’re working for a running shoe company. We’d make posts like, “Top 5 Places To Jog In Boston,” or “10 Foods Every Runner Should Eat.” Our team would pull images from Indivly Magic Photographers and insert them into blog or social media posts.

What if I don’t want to make money off of my images?

You probably shouldn’t partner up with us. We’re pretty sure you’ll like getting paid for your cool photos, though. Accounts can be removed at any time if you email us. No hard feelings.

What if my photos get used by Indivly Magic often?

Well, besides paying you a lot, we’ve created a few cool perks for our most Magical Photographers.

  • Increased payment per use of photos
  • Recognition on our Magical Photographers page
  • Access to special discounts
  • Entry into cool gadget giveaways

If I get paid by you for a photo, is it still my property?

If you signed up for a non-exclusive agreement, you are only licensing your photos to us– you still own your images.  If you signed up for an exclusive agreement, then you cannot sell your photos on another site (that’s why it’s called exclusive).  You can, however, end the exclusive agreement with us and take your property elsewhere. Remember, your photos are always yours– it’s just who you give rights to distribute them that matters.

Can I use my photos for personal use with an exclusive agreement?

Yes. Please refer to the exclusive use terms for more information.  This couple of lines might be helpful, though:

Notwithstanding the definition of Exclusive Content and the exclusive license granted in this Agreement, nothing shall restrict the Supplier from (i) establishing or maintaining a personal portfolio on the Internet where Exclusive Content is posted for the purposes of art display so long as you are not licensing or giving away rights to the Exclusive Content for anything other than such display; or (ii) using Exclusive Content in connection with the sale by Supplier of prints, t-shirts and other merchandise so long as you are not licensing or giving away rights to the Exclusive Content for anything other than such merchandising.

What if a post with one of my pictures goes viral?

Any post that we make that receives a much higher volume of views than average goes onto our “Top Posts Hall Of Fame.” Each photographer gets a cash bonus and some additional press recognition. Basically, we give credit where credit is due.

Do you have another question? Let us know!

If we didn’t answer your question please contact us or refer to the terms & conditions here or the exclusive and non-exclusive agreements.