Funniest Google Glass Moments on the Internet

The world has been fascinated with Google Glass since well before the computerized eyewear was nothing but a glint in Sergey Brin’s eye… we just didn’t know what to call our versions of augmented reality yet. That fascination has only increased since the first Glass Explorer Edition sets were sent to the test population early this year. Hoards of videos have been uploaded by Glass users, and while many are informative of Glass’ many functions, a good number are also meant to make us laugh. After all, for the many who just don’t have the dough to to drop on Google Glass when the technology hits the market next year, the parodies are the closest they’ll get to the real experience. Here’s a few of our favorites.

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First Reactions

When Google Explorer Allyson Seitzler of took her Glass to New Orleans’ Hack Night, she captured some crazy and diverse responses from attendees trying them out.

The Male Use of Google Glass

This hilarious piece from Dartonion London shows us what men will really be looking at once they get their hands on Google Glass. It’s perhaps a tiny glimpse into the mind of an average male.

Parlez-vous Francais?

Another look at Google Glass from the male perspective, although the target female is trying to get through a job interview with the wearer. The message is perfectly clear regardless of the French dialogue.

If You Dare

Most obviously a parody – yet great for living-dead lovers – “The Midnight Show’s” Heather Anne Campbell shows us just what could happen with a Google Glass demonstration gone wrong.

The Average Joe

Another parody, this video gives us another hilarious view – this time of everyday life wearing Glass.

Runaway Wife

According to this Glass parody, cheating spouses will need to be a lot more careful once Glass is commonly worn.


Although not a video, this cartoon still makes us laugh by reminding us of the vast difference between imagination and reality.

What do you most want to try out once you get to try Google Glass?

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