Content Marketing Condensed 2/18/13

2. Building Content for Each Segment of the Sales Funnel

This article assures me that SEO’s will dominate content marketing. Perfect ideas for building a serious content strategy, what KPI’s matter for each stage of the funnel and so much more. Best guide I’ve seen in awhile.

4. Using Exclusive Content: Pinterest Private Boards

Using private boards on Pinterest is a perfect way to test new content before it goes live with a small group of influencers and offer exclusive content all in one tactic. Read how to make private Pinterest boards here.

5. How To Dominate Pinterest Marketing

Digging in more with Pinterest? Here is an awesome routine to dominate Pinterest marketing.

Source: Stock Magic

7. Is Video The Multi-Device Content King?

How will you read news on an internet TV? Most likely video. Video delivers a hyper-focused viewer and is well suited for the next generation technologies where your audience will be consuming content (Eye glasses, TV, Xbox, Tablets, etc). Also considering video is the fastest growing segment of the custom content industry, it seems video could be crowned the multi-device king in the future.

How do you think you will be consuming media in the next 5 years? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!