Content Marketing Condensed 1/14/13

1. Leading Indicators Signal Big Changes In 100 Year Old “Custom Content” Industry

Agency consolidation is coming and expect traditional media companies to get in the buying game.

2. Great Read On KPI’s, Calculating Social Content ROI & Optimizing Content Strategy

Great big picture strategy and planning read, with examples!

3. UK Ranking Factors Study From 2012 Showing Correlations For Ranking Factors And Actually Ranking Well In Search Engines.

Facebook/Twitter “Shares” and Backlinks seem to be the two most important ranking factors. This has been talked about but many see little proof of this so here it is! Also to my understanding the UK is a test market/slightly ahead of the US search engine market so these factors may affect your content ranking abilities even more this year. However, it’s very likely that the social ranking factors have already been integrated in the US search engine market to an extent.

4. Great List Of Blog Content “Formats” To Stay Fresh In 2013

Every one of these 31 types of blog posts are great to refer back to when planning an editorial calendar or you simply need an idea on the fly. The list even includes estimated time for each post type!

5. A Deeper Guide For “Fast” Social Content Formats

Creating content fast while maintaining “ten out of ten” quality is an important focus at our company. If you’re content strategy is being held back by not curating other people’s content then it’s time to level the playing field. This post shows easy to use tools to make creating content a faster process. We think the digital flyers from seems the most interesting new tool to play with from this article. What do you think?

6. Even Deeper Guide, With Twenty-Six Content Marketing Tools

Amazing list of content marketing tools covering the entire content process. From the idea stage to the distribution stage, this list has you covered:

7. Advanced Content Marketing Guide: Adapting To Your Audience Using Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Detailed guide how to manage a blog and adapt to what is working/what isn’t working based off data. We don’t think data should 100% dictate content strategy but it certainly helps to know this skill.

8. Google Alerts + Content Marketing = Good Idea

Fully detailed guide to leveraging Google Alerts for content marketing purposes. Absolutely love the tactics at the end of the article and had to share this one! That’s it for Content Marketing Condensed this week.