7 Ways to Promote Your Content (Besides Social Networks)

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you know the promotional drill.  Post a link with an image to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…. And you’ve probably got it down to a science using social tools like HootSuite or IFTTT.  But if you’re looking for new ways to promote your content or just getting bored with the same old same old, take a look at our list for some ideas to try.

1 – Instagram

Don’t just upload a photo from your post.  Take or create a picture of your post and upload that instead.  Grab the title, featured photo and a few paragraphs.  Add a comment with a link to your post or include  your blog name in the photo.


2 – SlideShare

Reduce your blog post to an outline, slap it in PowerPoint then upload to SlideShare.  You can also embed the outline within your post.  Talk about cross promotion!

3 – Video Promos

Record a brief video announcing or talking about your post.  Use Vine if you can keep it short and want to post to Twitter.  Try Doubler for videos up to a minute long that you can post to Twitter and Facebook.

4 – Become a Meme

If it suits your content, use one of the many meme generators out there to turn your blog into a meme.  Upload your own image or use one of the many already available.  Change the text overlay based on your blog title and don’t forget to include the URL or blog name.

become a meme

5 – Syndicate

You’ve seen those “from around the web” boxes with related content scattered around posts.   Your content could be there, too.  You’ll usually pay for the exposure (like Outbrain’s CPC) but some sites don’t charge for submissions or only feature your post on their (heavily trafficked) sites.   Search for “blog post syndication” to find sites that match your niche and allow you to submit your published posts for inclusion.

6 – Network Ads

Google, Yahoo and just about every social networking site offer ways to promote your posts – for a fee, of course.  These can be tricky especially if you don’t target so start with a low cost campaign to see if it drives traffic to your blog.

7 – Aggregation

Submit your blog to sites like Technorati, Networked Blogs or Alltop.  And don’t forget  Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform.  Provide your RSS feed and Amazon turns it into a Kindle book for sale on their site.  Great for the exposure (if not the money…)
blog aggregation sites

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